Social security law

Beatus ille, qui procul negotiis -
Youll be happy  if you stay away from the case /Horace/ /

In the year 2000 in Bulgaria has been made a huge reform in the field of the social security. There has been established the so called three pillar social security system the obligatory governmental social security; the supplementary mandatory social security and voluntary additional social security. It is a pity that than more of 10 years when there is a change in the political governing of the country there is a change in the Social security Code. And till now there are more than 50 changes made. The social security system became that much difficult to understand which is additionally sophisticated by the numerous number of sub-normative act in the field. Since the beginning of 2006 the administration of the social security insurances has been transferred from the NSSI to the NRA.  

My long-standing experience in the systems of these two institutions NSSI and NRA allows me to offer you competent services in:
  • The proper defining of the minimal social insurance limits according to the economic activities and professions;
  • Defining the social security income which is the base for calculating the social security insurances
  • The obligations for paying social security insurances according to the different relationships;
  • Explaining the peculiarities about how to pay the social security insurances;
  • How to fill in and handle to the NRA all kinds of declarations connected with the social security;
  • How to fill in the annual tax declaration in the part of it connected with equalizing the average month social security income;
  • How to fill in and handle to the NRA the papers connected with the schemes  of EU Regulations 883/09 987/09
  • Appeals and defense in the procedures in front of NRA connected with issuing revision acts and acts of the administration connected with the obligations for social security insurances;
  • Appeals, representation and defense in front the Bulgarian courts in connection with the acts of the administration; 
  • Leading procedures against the government and different institutions for damages from the illegal administrative acts.