Non nova, sed nove
Not new but made in a new way

This is not the ordinary way for giving an information about what kind of legal services you can be able to obtain and how fast and professionally you will be found a decision to your problems.  

This is a way of maintaining a connection in communication and evaluating the legal culture /especially the one connected with taxation and the social security insurances/ through an initial creation of a well-ordered and law-correspondent structure of your own business or activity you will minimize the arising of negative consequences. In this very process together we follow the principle Vigilantibus, non dormientibus subventium iura Law helps the  awaken!
Naturally the economic climate for work in Bulgaria supposes an everyday flexibility and improvisations which are an absolute necessity while giving legal services.

The unique specific of my legal, tax and tax-account help is its integral character. The decisions which youll be given are complex and their aim is to satisfy even the highest of your requirements. And this has to be done because of the multilateral character of the relationships which usually are connected with more than one branch of the law.

The high level of my education, specializations, the long-standing practice in the systems of the National social security institute and the National revenue agency, my participation in the process of writing down and amending many tax laws and the legal acts in the field of the social security as a well as in the process of methodology for their practical implementation were a precondition to develop a successful advocate practice of my own. All this mentioned above is an additional guarantee that the given defense in the process of administrative and court procedures has a very high level of successful ending in the interest of my clients. 

My clients are bulgarian and foreign physical and juridical persons which are given a professional legal defense. 
Im working in cooperation with highly qualified advocates from the towns Plovdiv, Russe and Bourgas.

The principles which Im leaded in my practice:

Very high professionalism in each consultation, analysis, legal statement, strategy and defense (theoretical and practical including a research of the practice of CEU, SAC, SCC as a well as the practices of the relevant institutions obliged to regulate the certain field of the relations);

Time concerning extremely fast and optimal giving a decision to the handled legal questions;

Confidentiality I guarantee that all the information I was given shall not be revealed to third parties. After the case is closed I give back all the documents and other papers or files and if the client doesnt want to receive them back I keep them for a period of 5 years. After that they are destructed.

Keeping informed  my clients are constantly informed about the development of their cases. The free and normal communication with the client is extremely valuable and helps very much to the successful closing of the very single case.

Satisfaction of the client  though that the main principle is that the lawyer is obliged for efforts not for results my purpose is to create a long-lasting partnership with the client. I give the best Im capable of to defend the interests of the clients in the frame of the law. The complete satisfaction of the client is a precondition for the smooth development of his business and activities. This is the way to settle down a mutual trust.

Personal individual approach - every client is unique for me and that is why I use a different separate approach to the solving and finding out decisions in the different cases. The connection which arises between my clients and me during the working process is long-lasting and quite personal.

How I work

1. Complex legal services it includes the everyday business of the client all the legal activities that matter for the normal development. The services include oral and written consulting of the client. This kind of services also include tax planning when starting a new business or activity and when restructuring an existing one merging, joining, separating, dividing of companies, consultations on a single deal or other operation. And all these with the legal methods for optimizing the tax burden.

2. working on a separate case a legal help about a case, a deal, a one time consultation, legal representation and others.